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Everyone Needs A great team to be successful
No matter the size of your business, bog or small, you will need good staff members to be successful. Hiring is something that most music school owners struggle with. I took me many years of trial and error and HR training before I finally got good at hiring and interviewing. Now i've wrapped up some of my best tips and tricks into this easy to follow course. 
* Learn my process for Pre Pre interview, pre interview, Interview and after interview.
* Get my list of interview questions with explanations of why I'm asking them
* See my latest "Help Wanted" ad and hear from me why it works. 
Why this will help you
  • Get my best tips from my 20 years of HR and hiring experience
  • Don't wast time following unproven interviewing and hiring practices
  • All of my interview questions in a downloadable PDF file
Get This Course For Only $27.00 
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